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Welcome to Healthy Houseplants--your number one website for up-to-date information on creating a spectacular indoor garden. Gardening indoors is a daily adventure. Healthy houseplants provide an endless show of lasting beauty. Better still, you can garden indoors anywhere, at any time you choose.


Here at Healthy Houseplants we take the business of indoor plant care and how to grow healthy houseplants seriously. Look to us for everything from individual plant care, to the latest in the indoor gardening industry, to growing herbs indoors, to the best indoor plants. We believe in organic indoor gardening, so the solutions you find here will be natural and safe for you and your houseplants. Learn here all about preventing sick houseplants and instead enjoying a home full of healthy houseplants. You'll learn all about how to grow healthy houseplants, including fertilizing houseplants and watering houseplants and preventing and treating houseplant pests. And how to grow houseplants from kitchen scraps. So go ahead! Enjoy inviting Mother Nature and her magic into your home! 


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