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Turn Your Home Into a Plant-Filled Paradise


What happens when an illustrator decides to write a houseplant book? You get an eye-catching, easy-to-read and use guide to growing a spectacular indoor garden.


House Jungle: Turn Your Home Into a Plant-Filled Paradise by Annie Dornan-Smith is a cute little book that gets right to the business of filling your home with healthy houseplants. Using fun graphics and a few well-chosen words, House Jungle offers a quick lesson in growing an indoor garden paradise.


For Dornan-Smith, the book started as a final major project while studying at university.


“I’m a bit of a crazy-plant-lady, and I think a lot of illustrators dream of creating a whole book from scratch,” she says. “I was excited to combine my love of plants with my illustrative style to create something more accessible and playful than some of the old, boring care guides that haven't changed since the 70s.”





House Jungle is designed for aspirational gardeners of all skill levels. The book covers why houseplants are such a great addition to your home, including their ability to clean the air. You’ll learn the tools you need to keep your indoor garden thriving, as well as the types of houseplants to include in your home.


The book even covers something many larger books don’t—the importance of the orientation of your home. Windows facing west are going to offer a much different indoor growing microclimate than those facing south (depending on hemisphere).  


You’ll also find plant galleries with illustrations of specific plants and info on growing them, including plants that can withstand some abuse. This will help you pick the plants that suit your home and you.  


House Jungle strives to make a houseplant grower out of anyone.


“People think houseplants are really difficult to care for, or they can't keep plants alive, but all it really takes is a little knowledge of what plant you have and what it likes,” says Dornan-Smith. 


“Seeing something you’ve cared for sprout a new leaf or flower never stops being exciting and rewarding. Taking the time to learn and bring some life into your home is definitely worthwhile.”






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